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Come and see what spiritual ascension can do for you, who you can become and how we can change our own reality
Find your reality and become what you truly are.
A fully integrated spiritual being living its own reality to the fullest upon earth.
This is the path walked by the Masters and we can follow in their footsteps.
We are here to assist and guide you fully all the way to what you decide you are going to be.

Welcome to the Ascended Masters World

dj is here for you, as a resource in your personal spiritual path and journey. Let me take a moment to explain a little of what is the purpose behind the work. Working in communication with the Ascended Masters and Source, We offer specific spiritual activation's, clearings, and more,



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Sai Baba

All these beautiful people on Earth.

And still so much pain.

People hating each other and themselves.

People lying to each other and themselves.

Be truthful to your own

Be truthful to God.

This is my path.

And if you call upon me,

I will lead you into this life of

Truth and Peace within yourself.

Channeled by Petra


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